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Karen and her husband Jerry have 11 children and 28 grandchildren. They have lived in Mesa for 23 years, and in Showlow prior to that.

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"I am a firm believer in mothers making any sacrifice they can to be home with their children if at all possible, however, my husband suffered a serious back problem and it became necessary for me to seek employment outside the home"
Karen has served as:
  • Karen is currently Chairman of the Senate K-12 Education Committee (2007-2008)
  • Formerly Chairman of the Senate Family Services Committee (2005-2006)
  • Chairman of the Rules Committee
  • Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health & Welfare
  • Chairman, District 30
  • Assistant to Governor Evan Mecham
  • Office Manager for Supervisor Tom Freestone
  • Assistant to David Schweikert - Majority Whip, AZ State Legislature
  • Legislative Liaison - Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement
  • AZ State Campaign Director for Pat Buchanan 1995-1996

Karen has been:

  • Consistently rated “#1 Friend of the Taxpayer”
  • Always a strong proponent of 2nd amendment rights. Rated A+ by NRA
  • Protecting the right of parents to determine how and where their children are educated
  • Standing firm for the precious right to life
  • Awarded “Friend of the Family” - Arizona Family Project
  • Received “Freestone Community Action Award” – Marc Center
  • Named “Outstanding Legislator ” - Arizona Republican Assembly
Small Business Bill of Rights

Elder Abuse - a letter from Karen
No Child Left Behind - Karen's Testimony

"We need to fight the battle on behalf of the family. Ironically, those with the greatest passion for the family have opted out of the political process, leaving the debate over our nation’s values to those who reject scriptural truth and family values. The results have been disastrous – for the family, for our state, for the nation. The social implications are staggering. We've seen skyrocketing increases in teen pregnancy and sexual activity, abortion, crime, divorce, illiteracy, drug use, and homosexuality. As the moral fabric of our society unravels, it is clear that we all need to recommit ourselves to fight for family values – I want to continue to be that fighter for you at the state Legislature."
~ Representative Karen Johnson

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